HSI Data Visualization and Analysis Tools

Hyperspectral sensing systems collect staggering amounts of data. Until Exelis Space Computer Corporation introduced its real-time HSI analysis and visualization tools, researchers and system users typically had to wait hours for sensor data to be processed into understandable, visual formats. Some of our tools process data during playback at speeds up to 3x real time, with no loss of processing integrity.

Real-time Processing Tools

GeoPaint® – Graphical user interface for rapid visualization of geo-registered HSI data.

GeoViewTM – Graphical user interface for rapid evaluation of targets.

Anomaly Detection – Algorithm detects spectra that are anomalous to general background.

Signature Match Detection – Algorithm detects spectra that match a predetermined spectrum.

Off-line Processing Tools

Exelis SCC has also developed off-line tools that perform specialized processing of HSI and panchromatic data. Some of these tools are designed to run in batch mode, freeing the user while the large amounts of data are processed into visual images, while other tools are more useful in a continuous data playback environment.

GeoSharpenTM – Batch mode processor; converts raw HSI data into high-resolution geo-registered survey imagery.

GeoRegTM – Batch mode processor; geo-registers HSI or panchromatic data and displays results as viewable imagery.

GeoChangeTM – Data stream processor; co-registers overlapping HSI datasets and performs pixel-level spectral difference evaluation to detect changes between the datasets.

Chip on Demand TM – Algorithm; creates target from user-selected pixel.

Spectral Signature Conversion Tool

FS Process – converts ASCII spectral data into a format useable by Exelis SCC's Signature-Match Detection algorithms.

Sensor data before geo-registration

Sensor data after geo-registration

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